The top 5 reasons people donate

In a country like India, you may be thinking that charity is not much in vogue. But surprisingly, over the last decade, the middle class has emerged to be the biggest donors, as is evident from  platforms like Crowdfunding India. Which leads us to the question, what makes people donate?

  • 1.        Religious beliefs

In India, religion plays an important part in everything, and often in things it has no business mixing with. But one very good thing about the dominance of religion in the Indian mindset is that it makes them give. One will often find even the poorest of the poor giving their money up in the hope of salvation. Though we have a 2,000-year-old caste discrimination problem, religious institutions in the country have also kept charity alive all this time.  Though not as efficient, this does fill in somewhat for the absence of charity drives conducted in western developed countries. Though often these are not very effective in bridging the gaps at an institutional and social level, religion removes many negatives associated with giving.

  • 2.        There is increasing awareness

With the phenomenal rise and spread of the internet, more people are getting to know about the consequences of their actions and the various economic and social malpractices. There is also an unprecedented ease of communication. Which has lead to the emergence of many crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunding India. Thanks to such initiatives, today giving is just a click away while sitting at home in the comfort of one’s bed. It no longer involves problems related to taxation, communication and organizing associated with the old fundraising practices.

  •   3.      It cuts down on tax

This has been found to be one of the biggest motivators for people, especially those having a considerable income. Across governments and societies, there are many incentives to resolve the social disparity by encouraging the rich to part with their money.

  •    4.     Image issues

Many people donate because they want to improve their image in front of those around them. In fact, self-display is an old human drive which has attained enormous heights with the advent of social media. Donating money also becomes a marker of people’s wealth.

  •      5.   It is an innate trait for many

Many people just feel happy giving away. In fact, this has been found to be instinctual in humans. This tendency towards altruism is not always from the point of view of those in need. Although a genuine desire to correct social wrongs has been found to be a leading motivator, many people give just to be happy themselves. Donating helps with a positive evaluation of the self, and makes people more confident while tackling their own problems.

Whatever your personal motivation may be for donating, know that at the end of the day, your donation would do some good to the society. In fact, it is imperative that you make sure that your donation comes to good use. Crowdfunding India makes sure that your money reaches the right places and is utilized in the right way.

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