Everything You Need to Know About Getting ITN

If you are planning to become a regular international shipper, then you need to orient yourself about ITN (International Transaction Number) and how to get it. This is a must in your every international shipping transaction.

First of all, what is ITN? This is the AES (Automated Electronic System) generated number that is assigned to every shipment as a proof that the EEI (Electronic Export Information) is permitted and is already in the AES file. This is needed in any loading document so that the Customs and Border Protection officer can easily check the shipment.

When you say loading documents, they are the bill of lading, airway bill, manifest and similar documents.

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When you will purchase goods amounting to more than $2,500 to import to Canada like a car, for example, AES ITN will be required. You need to get this from the designated office. It might take a lot of time to get this as well as a lot of steps.

This is mandated in the year of 2014 that no matter the value of a vehicle, it must present a proof of this document before I can exit the country. In fact, you need to present this said document 72 hours before you want your car to be exited.

If you are too busy to process this requirement as for sure you also have other things to attend to, you can avail of the Clearititn requests which will be processed right away after you will complete their online process. You can check their website as you will be guided accordingly. For just a small amount, you can do this without so much fuss and without a lot of hassle. That is right, they will only charge you with $125.00 CAD for this.

There is really no need to do everything on your own especially if this is the first time for you to import a car to Canada. For just a small amount, you can accomplish what you need to do and go on with your move comfortably.

Clearit.ca actually does not just deal with AES ITN as they still have a lot of services you can enjoy. They can assist you in importing your car as well. Note that AES ITN is just one of the many requirements you need to meet. There are still a lot more and this company can be of service for this.

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