3 Essentials To Properly Maintaining Your Propane Tank

Propane tanks are versatile and used to provide oil for various heating appliances and tools. Some of the most common uses for propane tanks in homes include heating pools, hot water heaters, grill and range uses, and furnaces among other appliances. The propane gas is stored in a tank that should be refilled and altered by professionals only as a leak can lead to a dangerous outcomes. When heading to get a propane refill,┬áit is best to go to a certified propane technician to refill your tank. They are professional and will not short you during your refill. You will also be assured that the tank has been refilled properly for longevity. While it’s important to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, there are a few useful tips you can employ to maintain your propone tank through the seasons to extend its life in your home.

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Prevent Propane Gas Leaks

While propane gas is not on the top of the list of dangerous household gases such as carbon monoxide, it still has to handled with care. Preventing leaks is an easy task. Ensure that the valve at the top of the tank is secured tightly and not slightly open. If you are refilling your propane at exchange locations as opposed to professional propane refill locations, you may run into dented, nearly expired tanks that could be punctured causing leaks. Make sure to check your tank for cracks and small punctures. Leaks are seemingly easy to detect as propane gas has a distinct smell.

Store Your Tank Properly During Cold Months

During the frigid temperatures of the winter, it is important that your tank is stored properly. Propane tanks should be stored in an outdoor shed type of area as opposed to in your home. The tank can be covered with blankets to protect it during the cold season. When tanks are not protected during the winter time, the cold weather can cause the gas to shrink within the take and cause the pressure to drop. Fill the tank up at a reliable location and store the tank properly during the winter and you will be set when it’s time to pull it out for use.

Periodically Check For Rust On Valves

Due to condensation and natural climate changes outdoors throughout the seasons, water can cause rust to develop on the valve of the propane tank. Be sure to pay attention and check for rust periodically. If you notice any rust, clean it off. You can use paint to cover the section where rust was but be sure not to paint over the valve.

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